Chit Chat + Makeup (Everyday Spring Look)

Hello Youtube fambam,

Today’s video is a little different. Join me as I put on my makeup whilst catching up with you all with a little chit chat. I had no idea how I wanted to do my makeup for my movie date. I figured it would be a great opportunity to share some products I’m liking and of course, to answer some of your questions while updating you guys my future plans. Let me know if you enjoy this casual kind of video =)

I remember I used to sit and watch my mum put on her makeup while she would tell me about her day. I loved it. What is it that’s so mesmerising about watching somebody do their makeup? This ain’t no tutorial so I apologise if I’m babbling too much. Let me know if you like these types of videos.

The finished look is just a simple lilac look for everyday. It’s actually quite a pretty look for Spring.

I’m off to Singapore tomorrow for a few days. Be sure to subscribe to my vlog channel to see what I get up to! I’m excited. I’ve never been to Singapore before!

“I’m the corny kind” hoodies will be ready soon! I’ll keep you updated!

Love, Bubz xo

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