FiRST DAY of SCHOOL! | Back to School 2018

Are you already in #BacktoSchool? When is your first day back? This time of year is always eventful! All the kids did well, but it was definitely strange not having Brooklyn and Bailey here. But, I’m so glad that they are enjoying Baylor! 🐻

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Kamri has been in New York filming with National Geographic. You’ll get to see a little Behind the Scenes on set with her and Shaun! 🎥 Kamri ALMOST got so lucky with an upgraded FIRST CLASS seat on the plane back home, then our bad luck with travel strikes again! The flight gets cancelled, and she and Shaun get stuck in New York. 🙅🏻 They try to stay positive and remember that flights get cancelled for a reason, and that it’s for their own safety. But boy, can that be frustrating!

Plus, Kamri gets kicked out of school! Why? You’ll have to see!

We were missing Brooklyn and Bailey a TON, so we had to go hug them at JCPenney! It may not be the real thing, but it sure was nice to see their faces… 😂 We will take what we can get! The #firstdayofschool at college tends to be pretty chaotic, but they ended up having a great day. They’re getting used to all of the walking that takes place on a college campus, and love their classes and professors.

Paisley is going into 2nd grade, and Dax is going into 5th grade! Can you believe that?! He starts a new #school this year, and will be rotating classrooms for the first time! Of course we had to take photos on the first day of school, trying to freeze these moments! 😭 I CANNOT believe that Rylan is going into 8th GRADE, and will be a freshman next year! Where is the time going?! She couldn’t be more ready to get out the door and head to school. 🙈 I keep telling her to stop growing up but she just won’t listen!

While we were out, our neighbor spotted a SNAKE in our driveway! 😳 Don’t worry, Inspector Paisley gets all the details from him. 😂 He says it was FIVE or SIX feet long! Hopefully the snake found his way to the creek and doesn’t come back!

How was your first day Back to School? When do you start?

💋’s -Mindy

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💋’s -Mindy

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