Hot Smokes!

Hello Youtube family,

Is it getting hot or what? Apparently it’s only gonna get hotter here in Hong Kong. Today, I’m gonna show you guys how to create this look I call ‘Hot Smokes’. I’m seeing orange eyes and red lips everywhere lately and I’m loving it. However, I know the combo can be a little too overwhelming for some. Just smoke it up and you’ll get a sizzling hot look that’s perfect for the evening. Hope you guys will enjoy today’s quick tutorial! Stay tuned for a ‘cool’ look coming up soon.

Love, Bubz xx

I’ve booked myself in for a hair makeover for Monday. I’m SO nervous and excited. It’s been truly long overdue. I will keep you guys updated how it goes heheh. Anyways, has anybody watched Avengers- Age of Ultron yet? What’s your thoughts? No spoilers please! It feels like a little while since I caught up with you guys. Hmm.. what else? Oh, did you know we raised approximately $50,000 for Compassional Intl and Nepal together? Isaac turned 8 months not long ago. I’m headed off to Singapore next week. I’ll be returning to LA end of May. Then flying back to the UK mid June. Hong Kong has been super hot. What hairstyle should I get? I had leftover baby food for dinner. I wore Ariel the mermaid socks today. I went back to my rose hip oil since my skin just doesn’t like moisturiser anymore. LOL I used a hairdryer. Wish I had behind the scenes footage. Looked so silly. Bubz out =D

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