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How I Shave my face AKA Dermaplaning


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Hey beauties! Ever since I mentioned this in my favorites video, I have seen a lot of requests for a tutorial! As I mention in the video – the past two days I couldn’t wear makeup. So instead of taking the day off I figured – Perfect time to teach this! Make sure you are doing this on dry clean skin! Don’t use lotion beforehand either. AGAIN do your homework and make sure to ask permission if you are younger!! I personally never did this before a few months ago. So don’t feel like you HAVE to. This is for all the ladies who asked!! I know its a weird topic but IDC thats what i’m here for! Any tricks I learn I will always share with you 🙂 & Thanks to my muffin NIC For always teaching me fun new tricks!!! Goodnight guys!! XO Carli

*Face Razors:
*Image Skincare Vital C Repair Cream
*MAC Boldly bare lip liner:
*I’m not sure my nail color it is gel! I will find a Dupe! x
*Headband is Asos:

*For my upper lip i’ve always used this:
It doesn’t work on everybody but I am allergic to wax. 🙁 That hair is different than the rest of your face, so if you have darker hair I would recommend waxing there!

Benefits of Dermaplaning:
-Removes dead skin cells
-Removes Peach Fuzz
-Gives your skin a Glow
-Smoother Skin
-Anti aging treatment
-Products absorb better on your skin
-Makeup goes on smoother

Shout out to my cute pimple on my chin starring in this video. He had to say hi.

*ALSO it IS a MYTH that your hair will grow back darker and thicker. For your face at least 😀

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