Hey guys! So I recorded a voiceover to this video but I preferred it to just be a visually pleasing representation of my lazy morning routine with a fun song in the background. **Shout out to my amazing brother-in-law Alex Goot for the perfect song!** Even on my lazy mornings, I still have responsibilities and try to someone stick to a routine so I don’t waste the WHOLE day away. Note that this is a lazy MORNING routine… not a lazy DAY routine. That being said, after I take care of the absolute necessities (brushing my teeth, feeding and letting the dogs out, showering yadayada) I also do a few things that are just habit for me even on relaxed days like this. I make my bed every morning so I’m not tempted to climb back in because then I will most definitely spend all day watching lifetime movies and the next thing I know it’s getting dark and I’m on my fifth wife-kills-the-husband-but-did-she-really-then-plot-it-was-his-mistress movie.

I also unload the dishwasher in the morning if I ran it the night before because if I don’t then dishes will start stacking up in the sink because the dishwasher is full of clean dishes and I have a clean sink rule so that cannot happen. Basically the rule is that if you always keep sinks clean those rooms tend to remain cleaner. My kitchen sink never has a dish sitting in it, it’s either immediately rinsed off and loaded into the dishwasher or hand washed and placed on a drying rack. Also, I always wipe out my bathroom sinks with a clorox wipe I keep under my sink for easy access so I don’t have hair and old toothpaste spit sitting in there. IDK… maybe I’m a weirdo, but it makes me remember to put things away instead of throwing my hairbrush into the second sink in the bathroom and using that one as storage 😀

This morning I got to just chill on the sofa with my dogs, (BTW- look how big Mochi has gotten!) and catch up on my DVR shows and respond to some emails and dive into the never ending hole of random youtube videos.

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Download the song in this video “Just to Shine” by Alex Goot here:
Watch his music video for it because it’s amazing and shows how much work he puts into each and every video. I also just love how much he loves my sister so it makes me love him for loving her unconditionally.

ALSO, last but CERTAINLY not least, thank you so so so so so much to my good friend Brooke Peoples for helping me film and edit this video, without you it would not have been possible and you’re amazing. I can’t wait to film more together in the future 🙂

This is not a sponsored video. All opinions are my own.

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