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With the first Hunger Games movie coming out this weekend, we decided to upload our second hairstyle from the movie. The first was the Katniss Braid {Diagonal-Dutch Braid}. We plan on providing tutorials for a couple more Hunger Games hairstyles!

This hairstyle is very similar to our Soccer Braids tutorial except that this style uses two low French Braids that run closer to the hairline and curving around the ears rather than just down the back of the head.

These are the braids that Prim {Primrose Everdeen} wears in the District 12 scenes in the movie trailers.

Feel free to tag your own photos of this hairstyle with: #CGHPrimBraids

Our hope is that all of you will wear some of these styles to when you go to the theaters to see the movie! I know my girls are super excited to see it, and Hunger Games is about all they are talking about right now!


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