SFX MAKEUP STARTER KIT / HalloweenXTRA 21 (2017)

Hey everyone! Many of you have been asking about SFX makeup products I am using. I decided to create a video where I mention all SFX makeup products I use, which I call as a starter kit. And yep, this is already the 21 st episode of HalloweenXTRA!

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1. Kryolan Plastici 60 g, USD 17.50 / RUB 940.00
Shop in the US https://us.kryolan.com/product/plastici-60-g
Shop in Russia http://kryolan.ru/kollodij-p-1122

2. Ben Nye Nose & Scar Wax 2 oz, USD 8.00 / RUB 1840.00
Shop in the US: https://camerareadycosmetics.com/products/ben-nye-nose-scar-wax?variant=22324472967
Shop in Russia http://sendle.ru/175644-Grim-Scenicheskii-Makiyazh/263267954814-Ben-Nye-Nose-And-Scar-wax-2-oz.html?search_query=Ben+Nye+Nose+And&results=8&id_category=175644

3. Cinema Secrets Spirit Gum Adhesive 0,125oz, USD 3.00
Shop in the US: https://cinemasecrets.com/index.php/spirit-gum.html
Shop in Russia http://www.cinemasecrets.ru/item.php?ItemId=41&menuid=7

4. Kryolan MME Spirit Gum Remover and Thinner 100ml, USD 10.50 / RUB 395.00
Shop in Europehttp://www.makeup-store.com/shop/adhesive-removers/295-kryolan-mme-mild-spirit-gum-remover.html
Shop in Russia http://kryolan.ru/udalitel-razbavitel-kleya-100-ml-p-3551?filter_name=%D0%B2%D0%BE%D1%81%D0%BA&page=2

5. Diamond FX Silicone EUR 27,50 / RUB 1999,00
Shop in Europe http://www.dfxfaceart.eu/shop/silicone-clear-2x-30gram
Shop in Russia https://diamondfx.ru/part/83/

6. Mouldlife Sculpt Gel 300g, GBP 35.00 / RUB 5500.00
Shop in the UK: http://www.mouldlife.net/sculpt-gel-1157-p.asp
Shop in Russia: https://sestry-grim.ru/plastika/222-skulpt-gel-trekhkomponentnyj.html

7. Vaseline

8. Kryolan Latex 250 ml USD 14.00 / RUB 1470.00
Shop in the US: https://us.kryolan.com/product/liquid-latex-clear-250-ml?ref=products/special-effects/skin-effects
Shop in Russia: http://kryolan.ru/lateks-zhidkij-250-ml-p-1301

9. Kryolan Rigid Collodion 30 ml USD 10.95 / RUB 1410.00
Shop in the US: https://us.kryolan.com/product/collodion-30-ml
Shop in Russia: http://kryolan.ru/kollodij-p-1122

10. Diamond FX Theatrical Blood 240 ml, EUR 23.95 / RUB 1500.00
Shop in Europe: http://www.dfxfaceart.eu/shop/producten/special-effects
Shop in Russia: https://diamondfx.ru/goods_one/1173/

11. Kryolan FX Dark Blood 100ml, RUB 530.00
Shop in the US: discontinued
Shop in Russia: http://kryolan.ru/krov-dlya-speceffektov-blood-50-ml-p-1148

12. Ben Nye Fresh Scab 1 oz, USD 7.50 / RUB 1760.00
Shop in the US: https://www.stagemakeuponline.com/02-TS/Ben-Nye-Fresh-Scab.html
Shop in Russia: http://sendle.ru/175644-Grim-Scenicheskii-Makiyazh/253213578666-BEN-NYE-FRESH-SCAB-1-OZ.html?search_query=Ben+Nye+fresh+scab&results=5&id_category=175644

13. Kryolan DermaColor Palette USD 49.00 / RUB 3410.00
Shop in the US: https://us.kryolan.com/product/supracolor-palette-12-colors?ref=product-lines/supracolor/palettes
Shop in Russia: http://kryolan.ru/grim-teatralnyj-supracolor-palitra-12-cvetov-p-190

14. Kryolan SupraColor Palette USD 49.00 / RUB 3410.00

Shop in the US: https://us.kryolan.com/product/supracolor-palette-12-colors?ref=product-lines/supracolor/palettes
Shop in Russia: http://kryolan.ru/grim-teatralnyj-supracolor-palitra-12-cvetov-p-190

15. Make Up For Ever 12 Flash Color Case USD 99.00
Shop in the US: https://www.makeupforever.com/us/en-us/make-up/artistic/flash-colors/12-flash-color-case

16. Skin Illustrator On Set FX Palette USD 55.00
Shop in the US: http://www.skinillustrator.com/product/fx-on-set-palette/

17. Skin Illustrator On Set Flesh Palette USD 55.00
Shop in the US: https://www.ppipremiereproducts.com/collections/frontpage/products/skin-illustrator-on-set-flesh-tone-palette

18. Skin Illustrator Activator 2 oz, USD 8.00
Shop in the US: https://www.ppipremiereproducts.com/products/skin-illustrator-activator

19. Diamond FX Palette 12 colors, EUR 9.95 / RUB 1869.00
Shop in Europe: http://www.dfxfaceart.eu/shop/producten/face-bodypaint
Shop in Russia: https://diamondfx.ru/goods_one/330/

20. Cinema Secrets Palette USD 8.00
Shop in the US: https://cinemasecrets.com/index.php/the-original-stainless-steel-palette.html

21. Cinema Secrets Spatula USD 10.00
Shop in the US: https://cinemasecrets.com/index.php/original-stainless-steel-spatula-standard.html

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