Spring DIY: Food, Drink and Face Mask

Hi dreamers! Here are some fun yummy ideas to try out!

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Pink Lemonade Grapefruit Spritzer (For full pitcher)
Club Soda
2 ½ Grapefruit
10 Lemons
7 ½ Tsp Stevia or Sugar
Pink and White Sprinkles

Banana/Yogurt Mask (1 Bowl)
4 oz Plain Yogurt
⅓ Cup Vanilla Cake Batter
¼ Cup Buttermilk
½ Mashed Banana
1 Lemon

Lemon Flower Tart (Dozen)
1 Jar Lemon Filling
2 Pie Crusts
Flower Shaped Cookie Cutter
Baking Oil Spray
Powdered Sugar

Music by Mindy Gledhill “I Take Flight”
Listen: http://bit.ly/ITakeFlightAudio

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